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Expositie "Precious Paperworks", galerie Mooiman ,Groningen

In deze expositie zijn ondermeer 30 werken van Bastiaan Mol te zien ,

met de mannelijke figuur als onderwerp.

Exhibition of 30 male-paintings of Bastiaan Mol at Galerie Mooiman, Groningen (NL)

12 December 2021- 1 July 2022, sales also via website of Galerie Mooiman.

Verkoop ook online mogelijk , via website van Galerie Mooiman.

De galerie is op vrijdag-zaterdag-zondag geopend vanaf 14:00 uur en op afspraak.

 zie hun website   

lees hier een interview met Bastiaan Mol over zijn kunst ,
in "Uitgelicht"  volg onderstaande link


is a Dutch artist/illustrator based in Rotterdam ,Netherlands.

Already as a very young child he has been drawing and painting almost every day.

His art education (1986-1991):

illustration design at the Academy for Applied Arts ROGER AVERMAETE , Antwerp-Belgium.

Many years his art needed to come second next to the job that provided a more steady income.

From 2016 on Bastiaan Mol is working fulltime on his art.

Also from that time the websites were set-up, 

and he more regularly started to exhibit his work , mainly in Rotterdam .

Interest from outside his country started to increase and he started selling his work

to many different places all over the globe. Especially his male-paintings soon became wellknown.

His art was shown in various magazines and can also be seen already for 5 years now in the 

popular international all male art calender Your Daily Male , available in bookstores and on the website of 

Galerie Mooiman ,the gallery that publishes thia 368 pages thick male art calender each year.

Bastiaan Mol also provided his illustrations for two albums by Dutch music band The Bullfight. 

Returning subjects for his paintings are

* animals(often birds) ,

* Portraits inspired by all kinds of music , mostly world-music,

* The old stars of Hollywoodfilms and de divas of music from the 1940s-60s.

* But, most of all it`s the male figure that makes the largest part in his oeuvre.

The interest from outside of his country also was mostly for these male paintings.

That also was one of the reasons he started working on this theme more and more.

Nowadays it makes up about 65-70% of his art.

Materials he works with mostly are 

*watercolours *gouache*softpastels*pen+ink *graphite

All of these often mixed within one work, as a mixedmedia painting.

To a lesser extend he also works in acrylics and oilpaints on panel or canvases.

A good example of his music inspired portraits,

are the( so far) 57 portraits of Portuguese Fadosingers he painted from 2013 on.

Many of these portraits already went to the walls in Portuguese houses.

Two of them however, found a place in a small museum in the outskirts of Lisbon.

It`s the social cultural club and museum ,keeping the heritage of the great fadomaster 

Alfredo Marceneiro, a singer and composer of fados.

Bastiaan Mol was made a member of honor of this Associoção Alfredo Marceneiro

and also received a ducument as a thank you for his contribution to

the Portuguese fadoscene and the museum in particular.

Many during friendships with these fadosingers started there and then.

The subjects for the male paintings are often models.And also photos.

Usually not professional models,

but guys seen on the streets of Rotterdam , or on social media .

Sporty models can always get in touch ,if they are slim, wellbuilt , age 19 - 35( ish) .

preferably smooth body ,or shaved.

Is the posing in the nude? Yes it is, but  also often it is covered nudity or in briefs .

And NO,it`s not specific GAY to pose, and  there is no sex involved, let`s be clear in this.

model3 SMALL.jpg
model1 small.jpg
model4 small.jpg
model2 small.jpg

Here are only a few of the 53 fado paintings ,painted between 2013-2020

Here`s also some pictures of the fadopaintings , used for winelabels, for concertposters, for the museum and the Associação Alfredo Marceneiro.

At one point my fadopainting was stolen from my websites and illegally used to sell all kinds of stuff by others, saying THEY were the painter....


Although it looks like Bastiaan Mol only paints the male figure , this only looks like that,because those paintings are getting the foremost attention everywhere. Here are some examples of his other paintings. 


(mostly birds)

All my life I always loved animals. All kinds of animals, not just the soft and fluffy ones. I cared for many pets in my life, from turtles, lizards, snakes,toads, to parrots, hamsters,mise,rats,guinee pigs ,rabbits , to boa constrictors, pythons and large green iguanas.And I always have had cats. ...Birds I especially love, but the outdoor ones. We have a garden and since I feed the birds there daily ,there is a large variety of them there. I photographe them ,sketch them , paint them...

I also sometimes take found dead birds with me home , to study and sketch them. The mayority of people think that is gross and ugly. I find them touching in their being dead. After all, dead is part of our life too. Birdpaintings that were sold I regularly take off this site , so people are not confused or wanting them  for their homes. It also happens one or two are already sold ,but still up.Sorry.


the MALE figure

As already stated, nowadays the MALE figure paintings

are about 65-70% of the art of Bastiaan Mol.

He mostly paints from life models posing for him,but also works from photos,

sometimes passed to him by commisioners or found on the internet.

(in the last case he always tries to track down the photographer ,

for permission to use and alter the images). Regularly , sold paintings will be removed from this internet site.

If you would be interrested in a painting, please first ask if it is still available.

It also happens that paintings are part of exhibitions.

Lees interview met Bastiaan Mol op GAY-Rotterdam website.(dutch language)

Ito see all pics , click photo + click button on the right, scroll to the left.

After that scroll down to next blocks with photos.